CONTEST DEADLINE: April 30, 2021

Since 2009, iWRITE has published more than 730 student authors and illustrators in its anthology, I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids. Students from 11 different countries have participated, and there are 11,000 copies of our anthologies in print.

If you’re in grade 3-12 and you love to write or draw, enter now! You could be one of 100 students published in this year’s book. Even better, two talented students will be selected as Editor’s Choice Award winners!

The Editor‘s Choice Award is the highest recognition given to the author of a short story OR play and the author of a poem OR song published in the I Write Anthology. The writing must meet all technical writing standards plus leave a lasting impression and be considered a memorable piece of work. The theme of the work must follow iWRITE’s chosen literary theme for the contest in that given year.

This year’s contest is the PlayWRITE edition. It’s the first time students can enter plays and songs in addition to poems, short stories, and illustrations!

Meet our partner, Story Pirates!

Based in New York City, Story Pirates produces videos based on kids’ stories. This year, iWRITE’s two Editor’s Choice winners will have their work produced by Story Pirates!


During our annual book-signing event in November, our newly published authors will walk the red carpet along with our writing mascot, “i” The Guy. You’ll receive your own hard-bound book and gifts from our sponsors. You’ll also autograph books for guests and the book will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s FREE to enter!
  • You can submit a play, short story, song, poem, or illustration.
  • 100 students will be selected for publication and honored at the iWRITE book-signing event!
  • There’s Classroom Support available for teachers and school entries.

All about iWRITE

iWRITE develops curriculums that build students’ confidence and spark students’ imaginations. With creative writing/illustration workshops, summer camps, and publishing opportunities, students move beyond the standardized classroom, learn to express their ideas, and discover their voice!

Check out all 11 anthologies and our “i” The Guy Writer’s Journal below.

Where do ideas come from?

Great ideas come from anywhere and everywhere! Here are just a few possibilities:

  • A line of dialogue. A title. A character, either fictitious or based on someone you’ve met or observed or read about.
  • A historical event. A theme or issue.
  • Anything you’ve seen… even what may seem uninteresting like a woman waiting for the bus or a little boy walking his dog.
  • An object or photograph.
  • Something in the newspaper.
  • Your own life or perhaps someone in your family.

Write about something you care about – that’s the point. You can’t write about something that isn’t in some way really REALLY important to you. If you don’t care about the story, who else will? Writing comes from experience, imagination, and knowledge. You’ve got all three! Mix them together and write about what you know, deep inside.

Here are two Story Sparks from our partner Story Pirates to help jump-start your imagination!

Learn about the impact of becoming published by watching the video below!

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