About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at iWRITE is to build student confidence through writing.


Our Vision

Through writing students become more creative and confident, which opens the door to opportunities they never had before. 


About Us

Kids are spending up to 50 hours a week on electronic tablets, smart phones and video games which has influenced our youths’ drop in leisure reading, writing and creativity across the nation. At iWRITE, we believe that creativity and imagination are natural gifts of childhood, which is why we encourage our children to create daily and enter our annual short story contest, I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids. Reading and Writing keeps kids creative!

 Both reading and writing build a foundation for children to become leaders among their peers. The I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids annual publishing contest awards children for their academic and artistic achievements. The act of being a published, young author or illustrator increases positive self-esteem and encourages our youth to become role models to others.

“by Kids for Kids”

iWRITE has become a place for kids to practice their love for reading and writing. Many of our published authors have embraced Leadership through Literacy by hosting their own reading groups and writing workshops for other kids. Two of our authors started a Book Club at their school in order to hold book drives and ship books to schools locally and internationally. As our authors have become role models in the community, they have helped us to fulfill the last part of of our mission, encouraging kids to become leaders to other kids.


Our History

Since 2009, we have published hundreds of kids in our anthologies and encouraged thousands of students to read and write! Founder, Melissa Williams, children’s author, started the organization under the name, READ3Zero, to encourage a daily habit of reading thirty minutes every day and to meet the needs of children who desired to be published. After receiving many stories and inquires from students who attended her school visits and writing workshops, she created the I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids publishing contest. In 2016, the organization officially changed its name to the iWRITE Literacy Organization. At iWRITE, we believe that becoming a published author or illustrator at a young age will increase positive self-esteem and encourage a healthy sense of competition.

iWRITE strives to acknowledge creative and literary achievements while encouraging our kids to become role models to other students their age. Many of our young authors have proceeded to hold their own Barnes & Noble book signings and do interviews for local newspapers and television stations. Three of our published authors held our organization’s first international literacy mission in the Philippines during the summer of 2013, teaching creative writing workshops and giving I Write Anthologies to street school students. The Filipino students were so excited to get autographed copies of the I Write books and meet published young authors. The attention our kids have received by the public has encouraged them to set new goals and become role models in their communities as they mentor to others, intern at iWRITE and build their resumes for their futures.

Board of Directors

President– Elaine Balagia Croucher

Vice President – Stephanie Tsuru

Treasurer – Carlos Rubio

Director – Arielle Lawson

Director – Arun Mani

Director – Wendy Tilford

Director – Debbie Pakzaban

Supporters & Partners

Thank you to our amazing supporters and partners!