“i” the Guy



The iWRITE Literacy Organization’s mascot, “i” The Guy is the main character found inside the pages of a new interactive journal targeted toward elementary-aged students in order to get kids to write for fun. The journal is aimed to create a positive association to writing in order to offset the negative attitude toward standardized writing required in elementary school. “i” The Guy speaks to the readers using comic book bubbles in order to encourage the kids to participate in fun and interactive writing prompts. As the kids learn more about “i” The Guy’s personality through silly sayings, personality charts and activities, they are then encouraged to partake in their own character development exercises. The students are able to utilize skills taught in their classrooms while learning new ways to brainstorm and write their own stories. Ultimately, the journal acts as a therapeutic outlet for kids, creating a connection to a relatable and interesting character.


Each week, teachers will have the opportunity to implement “i” The Guy Time in which students will use the Writer’s Journal to engage in creative writing activities. During “i” The Guy time, iWRITE Ambassadors will be available to serve as a  support system to teachers and provide students with any necessary one-on-one guidance.

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Join the iWRITE Team as we introduce a fun creative writing opportunity to the students across Houston. As an iWRITE Ambassador, you will have the chance to familiarize with the students’ literacy needs and create a positive impact.

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Help iWRITE bring “i” The Guy into more schools! Your donation will go towards giving a student a free “i” The Guy Journal.

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Check out our new Create Your Own “i” The Guy Comic! Download the free PDF below.

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