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Hi! I’m “i” The Guy. You can find me inside my interactive creative writing journal for kids. Interactive you ask? That means I interact with you as the reader through my comic speech bubbles. One of my favorite things to do is write stories with friends!

When you write in my journal you get to use your imagination as I guide you through the story writing process. We write about cool characters, different ways to use POV, problems and you even get to write about yourself. That part is my favorite!

Let me just say that anyone can be a writer. Yes, that means YOU. There’s a billion things to write about. The best part about writing is that each time you do it, even if it’s a little messy, it gets better every time you write. I’d love to write with you! See how we can become writing partners in my “i” The Guy Writer’s Journal or Program.



The Writer’s Journal is aimed to create a positive association to writing in order to offset the negative attitude toward standardized writing required in elementary school. “i” The Guy speaks to the readers using comic book bubbles in order to encourage the kids to participate in fun and interactive writing prompts. As the kids learn more about “i” The Guy’s personality through silly sayings, personality charts and activities, they are then encouraged to partake in their own character development exercises. Ultimately, the journal acts as a therapeutic outlet for kids, creating a connection to a relatable and interesting character.

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There is a strong correlation between low grades and low confidence among the under-served students. The “i” The Guy Writer’s Journal Program addresses this correlation by giving students a chance to learn how to build their confidence in a safe and fun environment. The students’ regained confidence naturally removes the negative association between school and learning. The organization has seen students labeled as “troubled” or with learning disabilities open up and want to try harder in the program. The students are able to utilize skills taught in their classrooms while learning new ways to brainstorm and write their own stories.

Each week, teachers will have the opportunity to implement “i” The Guy Time in which students will use the Writer’s Journal to engage in creative writing activities. iWRITE Ambassadors (volunteers) serve as a support system to teachers and provide students with any necessary one-on-one guidance.

Every participating student receives his or her own writing journal during the program. Teachers will receive an Educator’s Edition of the journal which aligns the lessons with their language arts curriculum, specifically geared to the 3rd grade TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). The program was created with basic concepts of developmental psychology in mind so that teachers can get on the level of the student, something that is often not addressed in standardized teacher training and requirements. Each participating school receives an educator training, a 2 Hour Creative Writing Workshop by the journal’s creator and a visit from the organization’s mascot, “i” The Guy.