Lesson 5: More About Settings

Lesson 5: Settings – Where the story takes place!

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Today we will brainstorm more about settings.

I love to write about my favorite settings.

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Lesson 4: Settings

Lesson 4: Let’s go on an adventure!

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A setting is WHERE the story takes place. It can also describe the time period of the story. My favorite setting to write about is inside of a volcano, but I like other places too.

I love talking about Settings because I love to visit all different types of places. Settings also allow us to get some great description in our story.

Check out some more of my favorites below. You’ll want to take note of all the different words you can use to describe each of the settings. You ultimately want your readers to be able to imagine your setting in their head too.

Next we will get to brainstorm all about our favorite settings together.

8 Different Types of Settings









Did you notice that many of the settings also included weather and seasons?

When we use words to describe the way something looks or feels, it allows the reader to use their imagination. This is called IMAGERY! We can even use the 5 senses to help our readers better understand and feel like they are actually there.

Click the button below to list some different words you would use to describe these 8 settings.

Lesson 3: Brainstorming

Lesson 3: Let’s brainstorm!

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As you know, brainstorming is the first step in writing a story. Let’s have some fun and brainstorm about animals.

What is your favorite animal? Mine is a sea turtle!

We learned about several animals in our last lesson. List your three favorite animals.

Let’s keep brainstorming about your favorite animal! Out of your three favorite animals, which one is your MOST favorite?

Below is my short rough draft. Click or tap the image to make it larger.

Once you are ready to try it for yourself, click the “Let’s Go Brainstorm” button.

Lesson 2: Let’s Research!

Lesson 2: Let’s Research!

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My favorite part about brainstorming when I’m writing a fictional story is getting to do research. I love learning new things! Even though fiction isn’t real, we can still be inspired by real things to spark our creative brains.

Lesson 1: Creativity is Messy!

Lesson 1: Creativity is Messy!

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The first step in writing is called brainstorming! Once you start writing your story, that’s called a rough draft. It’s a messy process in the beginning. I like to compare writing my first draft to dropping a bunch of colorful legos (creative ideas) on the ground (on paper). It’s all over the place at first!