iWRITE Early Writer’s

After School Story Writing Club

The iWRITE After School Story Writing Club gives early writers who are just starting to read and write the opportunity to build a deeper connection to basic literacy skills through creative storytelling. Students will learn about the basic parts of a story, character, setting, and problem resolution while practicing letters and words to create sentences. Each student will receive a published copy of the stories that the class created that season.

Enrollment Includes

  • 16 Weeks of 50-Minute Lessons: Writing/Storytelling/Phonics

  • Published Book of Class Stories

  • Mascot Visit from “i” The Guy

  • Illustrator Visit

  • Folder and Supplies

  • “i” The Guy Pencil and Writer’s Journal

Reading & Writing Concepts

  • Storytelling

  • Character Development

  • Parts of a Story

  • Word Usage and Recognition

  • Phonics: Letter Sounds, Blends, Spelling

  • Punctuation and Capitalization

  • Publishing

Sample Schedule

Week 1: Introduction – What goes into a Story?

Week 2: Words and Pictures Make a Story!

Week 3: Story Boxes

Week 4: Character and Setting Brainstorming

Week 5: Problem and Solution Brainstorming

Week 6: Illustrator Visit

Week 7: Words are Awesome! Letters and Sounds

Week 8: The Beginning – Character and Setting

Week 9: The Middle and End – Character, Problem and Solution

Week 10: The “i” The Guy Mascot Visit

Week 11: Adding Description and Big Vocabulary

Week 12: Publishing – How to Make a Book

Week 13: Publishing – Book Design

Week 14: Why I Write Day

Week 15: Practice Day

Week 16: Book Release Day!

St. Thomas More Parish School Details

For: Kinder thru 2nd Grade Students

When: September 3rd – December 17th (Every Tuesday from 3:40pm-4:30pm)

Cost: $325 per student

Requirement to enroll:

The student must be able to write the letters of the alphabet.