Young Author School Visit @ Yellowstone Academy

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Ever since launch of the I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids contest in 2010, the iWRITE Literacy Organization has believed in the capabilities of kids. The most important quality of our contest is its embodiment of the “by kids for kids” idea. iWRITE has seen students transform into role models for their classmates because of their participation in the contest. And we can conclude that there is a strong connection between literacy and leadership.

Following that belief, iWRITE understands that students can continue to positively influence their peers. Which is why, iWRITE has created a leadership opportunity for our published writers called, The Young Authors School Visit program. Former iWRITE contest winners visit schools across the Houston area to share their writing experiences and to encourage students to cultivate their own writing skills.

On March 31st, we wrapped up Read Aloud Month by debuting The Young Authors School Visit at Yellowstone Academy. Our authors,  Sarah Young, Elian Tee, Valeria Keuser along with special guests – Chrissy and Sienna Bernal read their stories to the students of Yellowstone Academy.

After the reading, the students were able to interact with readers during a Q&A and book signing. The students became more familiar with both the readers and stories. At the end of the program, each student was able to take home an iWRITE Volume 6 Anthology or a copy of Sienna’s Locket.

Our iWRITE authors and guests had a wonderful time talking to the students of Yellowstone Academy. It was great to see the students engage with role models that they could relate to. We can’t wait for our next visit!