10-Day Virtual Writer’s Workshop


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Ages: 7-12 years old

Time: Anytime that fits into your schedule

Location: Anywhere!

Log into your 10-Day Virtual Writer’s Workshop anytime, anywhere! All you need is a computer, notebook, a pencil and a few colored pencils to participate.

The 10-Day Back-to-School Workshop will get your student’s brain tuned up and ready to return to the classroom!

Instructors: iWRITE Founder & Children’s Author, Melissa Williams Murphy & iWRITE Illustrator, Ryan Shaw

Workshop Includes:

  • Over 25 lessons, hands-on writing and illustration video lessons & activities
  • Coaching on how to create your own fictional character and completed story
  • Tips on developing a unique character, how to hook your reader, how to create a dynamic plot, how to turn your story into a visual experience, how real authors brainstorm
  • A look at real author manuscripts and the stages of story and character creation
  • Resources on how to get published
  • Guest author appearances for extra writing tips and tricks