Our Pillars


Reading and Writing go Hand in Hand!

Being able to read, write and communicate effectively at a young age is a necessity in a highly competitive world. At iWRITE we encourage our youth to embrace the written word and the confidence it brings through learned knowledge and communication. To be literate is one of our greatest gifts as a society and the basic foundation of success. That is why at iWRITE we reward and honor kids who have made reading and writing a priority in their lives.


Creativity enhances Self-Identity!

Kids are spending up to 50 hours a week on electronic tablets, smart phones and video games which has influenced our youths’ drop in leisure reading, writing and creativity across the nation. At iWRITE we believe that creativity and imagination are natural gifts of childhood, which is why we encourage children to create their own short stories, poems and illustrations for the I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids Publishing Contest. Our programs give kids the freedom to express themselves through the art of writing and drawing in any genre of their choice.


Over 400 Kids Published…And Still Going!

Being a published author or illustrator at a young age increases positive self-esteem and encourages a healthy sense of competition. Since 2009, we have published over 400 kids in our anthologies. The I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids publishing contest allows students at a young age to embrace their love of creative writing and see their work published and sold in bookstores. Our kids experience the process of editing and revising that all professional authors must go through in the publishing industry. Publishing a book is hard work, so every year we throw our newly published authors a special ceremony and book signing celebration. Many of our authors have proceeded to hold their own books signings at Barnes and Noble bookstores and school libraries. Our kids have been featured on FOX and ABC news and have been interviewed for local papers and magazines. The attention our kids have received by the public has encouraged them to set new goals and become role models in their communities.


International Literacy Project

Many of our authors and illustrators have become leaders in the community through literacy through speaking publicly about their work. Three of our young authors partook in an international literacy project where they taught creative writing and read each of their published stories to under-served students in the Philippines. The students received an I Write Anthology signed by our young authors, “i” The Guy Writer’s Journals and iWRITE T-Shirts. We encourage our kids to take their creative writing knowledge and share it with others. Through reading and writing, we are building leaders for our future. Your support allows us to encourage our kids to inspire other kids their same age.