iWRITE Youth Club Spotlight: Tees’ Literacy Mission Trip

Categories: Literacy Leaders

This past summer, iWRITE Published Authors, Ellaine, Jan and Elian Tee embarked on their 2nd Literacy Mission in the Philippines. This time, the three siblings brought  150 “i” The Guy Writer’s journals and various school supplies  for two under-served schools. The schools, Talahiban Elementary and Anangi Elementary were both in need of literacy support and storybooks for their students. The Tees found that the local students lacked storybooks and the materials they had were of poor quality. Many of the teachers at Talahiban Elementary resorted to using their own money to buy supplies for the kids but expressed that their funds were very limited. The second school, Anangi was located in the mountain area and was the farthest from the city making it difficult for students to simply get to school. The Tees understood the schools’ needs and wanted to make a difference by bringing over the books and creating small libraries in the classrooms. Beyond donating materials, our authors built a strong connection to the students during their self-lead writing workshops. The Tees worked with students in fourth through sixth grades in groups and guided them through the writing process.

Ellaine, the oldest, shared that, “the books we donated were vital for their [schools’] reading program to succeed.” From their experience in the schools, Ellaine observed that, “a) the students’ have very limited reading materials which limit their exposure resulting to slow progress in reading b) literacy is a very important aspect of academics because if they can’t read it will also be hard for them to learn the other subjects and c) the role of iWRITE is very important to help them in their studies and we are glad to be part of this mission: spreading literacy around the world.” The Tees shared their own writing tips in their self-lead writing workshops for 4th – 6th graders.

On the mission trip overall, Ellaine expressed, “[that] it was a great experience knowing we’re representing the iWRITE Literacy Organization in spreading literacy. They may not be able to be great writers right now, but we know that the seeds we just planted will grow and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve them. ”

The iWRITE Literacy Organization could not be more proud of Tees’ hard work as iWRITE Literacy Leaders. See more pictures from the mission below!