When I was waking up, I saw that Luna was outside of my house. She was waiting for Theo, Midnight, and I to go our favorite parkour place. Luna said she knew a shortcut to the parkour place, so we followed her.
When we got to the parkour place, Midnight and Luna were so excited, that they started doing parkour the second the came inside!!! Midnight and Luna love parkour a lot. I looked around to see if any obstacle course interested me, and I found one. It was HUGE!!! I asked Luna “Hey Luna, why don’t we try this one out? It looks like A LOT of fun to me!” When Luna saw the course, her eyes were wide. Luna was the first to try the course. When she got to the second stage of the obstacle course, she fell! We were worried. But then Luna got back up and tried going up the obstacle course again, but she couldn’t do it.
As Luna couldn’t do the obstacle course, we encouraged her. Me and the others keep cheering her on. At the end, Luna was able to beat/finish the obstacle course. She is truly a parkour master!

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