Youth Club Supply Drive

Love, Serve, Care — The teachers of Braeburn Elementary excitedly painted these words on their school wall on August 21st in preparation of the first day of school. Due to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Braeburn Elementary received extensive damage to their school. The school was completely destroyed and contaminated which forced all of the teachers and students to relocate to the old DeBakey High School for the 2017-2018 school year. They have lost ALL of their classroom supplies that they bought with their personal money over the past years. With the hopes of preserving their message of “Love, Serve and Care,” our iWRITE Youth Club has adopted Braeburn Elementary to assist them with their transition and help them get the items they need for the school year. Please consider bringing any of the following supplies for Braeburn teachers or donating to our relief fund.

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